Adya: A Journey from Homemakers to Women in Tech

  • Mar 8, 17
  • Geraldine Gray

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting an organization near and dear to our hearts.

Our friends at Trekbin are champions of women and help homemakers realize the power of their potential by providing technology education in cloud computing such as Salesforce. The Adya program is the flagship initiative of the Trekbin Foundation, and the entire team takes the time to nurture the program and participants. Adya means Source of Power and was started by Vinod Biria to help women become Salesforce Superstars. As a women-owned tech company Endiem loves the Adya program. Recently Vinod sat down with Ashley to help us learn more about Adya.

Ashley: Welcome Vinod! How was Adya started? What was your inspiration?

Vinod: Thanks Ashley for this opportunity to share about Adya. Inspiration of Adya program came from my team and Salesforce 1-1-1. In one of office meet ups my team asked me how they can contribute to community. I simply asked them back, “What do you have? Which other do not have? Just share it with them.” Everyone answered loudly, “Salesforce Knowledge!” and we decided to share it with people.

So, what is Adya program? Women across the world can participate in this program. Under this program, we impart 50 days Salesforce Admin Training through daily one-hour virtual classroom sessions, ongoing assignments and Trailhead guided learning paths. We award them Program Completion Certifications based on assessment result —without any training or certification fee.

We have targeted homemakers as part of Adya program because I respect all homemakers for trading in professional careers and aspirations for family and kids. It’s extremely important and tough task to grow kids into good humans. We decided to change lives of all homemakers, who are nurturing life by imparting Salesforce administration knowledge to restart their careers.

Ashley: What is the overarching goal and mission of Adya?

Vinod: The mission of Adya is to honor and empower every woman. We have two primary goals. First, we want to impart Salesforce knowledge to every woman who has hunger for it irrespective of demographics, age and experience. Then, we want to leverage Salesforce ohana and knowledge to help them successfully reshape their careers and be happier.

Adya’s secondary goal is to change people’s perspective that such initiatives have ulterior commercial benefits. Many people have questioned the Adya program. Most of the people have asked me one common question, “How will Trekbin get benefit from this program?” I want to consistently run this program with no purpose of gaining prospective employees or customers for Adya. We want to prove that happiness associated with giving is more than getting! Adya is reflection of our belief and admiration for Salesforce and the 1-1-1 philanthropic model. Every Trekker contributes in this program by building study material, taking virtual sessions, mentoring and assisting for completing assignments. Joy of contributing and changing lives makes is very attractive and satisfying program for us.

Ashley: I am in awe of your kindness and dedication to offering such a comprehensive and free opportunity. WOW! How can your friends at Endiem help?

Vinod: Your encouragement and appreciation already helped lifting our trust!! There are two major challenges for achieving Adya’s goal. Many women have desire to restart their careers but they look for inspiration and emotional support. You can be their inspiration. You can impart session and share your experiences and success stories to boost their self-confidence. It will ensure no drop out in this journey. The second major challenge is getting work opportunities for them post training. Any help for finding opportunity for them will be great support for Adya graduates.

To find out more information about Adya or learn how you can help, visit Trekbin’s Foundation page or email