Dreamforce Halloween Hangouts With Salesforce MVPs

  • Oct 31, 13
  • Geraldine Gray

This morning Jeff Douglas, Kevin Poorman, Josh Birk, Joe Ferraro, Reid Carlberg, Ryan Upton and Dan Appleman and myself (@GeraldineGray) got to together for a live, unscripted chat about what we’re most looking forward to at Dreamforce ’13. With over 100,000 attendees anticipated and more than 1,000 expert-led sessions on offer this is going to be the most comprehensive Dreamforce so far.

There are so many ways attendees can divide their time we can’t even do the math (though I’m sure there’s an app for that). Once enrolled attendees can follow the Women in Tech track, chose an industry vertical, find sessions by role or business size, deep-dive into products, geek out in the Dev Zone or mash up a unique combination to fit their needs. So long as you save enough energy to make it to the Green Day – Blondie concert, fit in plenty of networking and throw in a few parties your week will be grand.

Fun times, geek speak and lots of laughs were had and as the hangout wound down it was widely agreed that although the prize money is HUGE even if we won the Dreamforce $1million hackathon everyone of us would carry on doing exactly what we’re doing – we already have the most fun jobs we could find. Although we might buy a beach house or new work chairs.

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, check out to the hangout have a good laugh.