Endiem’s Best Ever Go Live – Twins!

  • Feb 5, 16
  • Hami Arrington

We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of the newest members of the Endiem team: Padraig Connor* and Madeline Louise* made a grand entrance on Sunday 31st January at 9:57 a.m.

Brian Powell and Geraldine Gray are thrilled and delighted with their latest project and expect to legitimately be able to say “My child will never do that” to the following:

  • Rolling off the bed and cracking their head on the floor
  • Crying/howling in photos with Santa
  • Sticking their fingers in electric sockets
  • Decorating walls with crayons/permanent marker/rice cereal
  • Dragging chairs across the room to create a wobbly tower that reaches the cookie jar

Instead, they are anticipating Padraig and Madeline’s’ unprecedented and brilliant insight into the post-millennial generation and to say “shed-ule” not “sked-ule.”

Mama and Endiem leader, Geraldine Gray, is looking forward to nurturing them into the corporate culture, getting plenty of sleep and several rounds of golf by the end of the month. Ha, ha, ha!

Please join us in welcoming these darling new Endiemites!

*Pronounced: Pod-raig and Mad-el-ine