Geraldine Gray Recognized For Salesforce Thought Leadership

  • Jan 21, 16
  • Hami Arrington

We’re all looking for quality, dynamic information that helps us stay at the top of our professional game. In a time-starved world, the refreshing brevity and easy availability of Twitter is king. The difficulty comes when you try to find a quality voice for your exact professional interest. Luckily, ICMI has vetted the best of the best when it comes to contact center, customer service and Salesforce thought leadership.

ICMI Recognition Standards
The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) has provided resources to customer management professionals from over 50,000 organizations since 1985. Their training, events, information and consulting aims increase value, improve customer operations and heighten overall customer service globally.

Each year, the ICMI compiles a carefully curated list of the Top 50 Thought Leaders of 2015. The ICMI’s community nominates their go-to inspirational professional voices on Twitter. From there, the ICMI scrutinizes nominees based on strict criteria:

• Number of nominations received
• Number of Twitter followers
• Frequency and consistency of tweets

After the exhaustive judging process, the Top 50 Thought Leaders were named in December 2015. One of those recognized individuals—one of the only pure Salesforce thought leadership professionals—was Endiem’s Geraldine Gray.

Fast, Fun Salesforce Thought Leadership on Twitter
Geraldine is a Salesforce MVP that works to expand her followers’ professional horizons with fascinating curated articles, timely tips and tricks and a little bit of levity. Her perfect balance of hard-hitting, mind-opening Salesforce thought leadership and everyday fun will keep her feed at the top of your must-read list.

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