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Welcome To The Team Kelley!


Ashley Zuelke

April 12, 2017

We are happy to announce the newest addition to Endiem, Kelley Ervin.

Kelley is a long time project manager with 23+ years of client management experience delivering efficient, strategic solutions to a variety of industries.

Kelley has already gotten a true Endiem-welcome by:

  • Memorizing the Endiem 23-point user inactivation checklist by heart
  • Write dates in the British style, DD MMM YYYY
  • Learn what it means to be cheeky

While Kelley isn’t gaining Salesforce Superpowers she enjoys boating, snow skiing, and cycling with her family. She also enjoys working in the yard (I know, weird right?). She lives with her husband in Fulshear, TX and has four rotten, but gorgeous kids between the ages of 11-15. We are thrilled that Kelley will be a part of our fun and dynamic company.

Welcome to the family Kelley!

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