What does it mean to be a Salesforce MVP anyway?

  • Jun 22, 15
  • Hami Arrington

For five years in a row our very own Geraldine Gray has been a Salesforce MVP (Most Valuable Professional). She’s in the top 1% of all Salesforce consultants and one of only two MVPs in Houston. But what is a Salesforce MVP? And what does it take to be one?

According to Salesforce.com, the MVP program “recognizes exceptional individuals within the Salesforce community for their leadership, knowledge, and ongoing contributions. These individuals represent the spirit of the community and what it is all about!” Only a handful of consultants out of tens of thousands are recognized annually.

Our curious friends at Apttus took it a bit further and analyzed all Salesforce MVP profiles to find out what it takes to become one. Here are the results (look out for Geraldine):

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