What Matters to You?

  • Nov 16, 18
  • Melanie Gehman

What are your philanthropic goals? Do you tithe, give monthly or yearly to the same organizations or do you give at-will when you find something that moves you?

Here at Endiem, we are a locally-owned, community-minded company that likes to support work that builds up the families in the Houston area.

Every day there are 88,740 young children in Houston (1 out of every 4 preschoolers) who face food insecurity, meaning they don’t know when their next meal may be. Endiem donates regularly to Kids’ Meals because even one hungry child is too many!

Kids’ Meals is a first-responder to children ages five and under facing hunger due to extreme poverty in Houston. Every weekday, year-round, volunteers prepare thousands of healthy lunches and deliver the meals to children enrolled in the program.

We are proud to assist a local organization that sees a need and fills it with such compassion!

Interested in joining us in our mission to feed Houston’s hungry kids?

Visit  www.kidsmealshouston.org  to learn more.