May 22, 2013

5 Signs Your Company Needs a CRM

5 Signs Your Company Needs a CRM

Your company is doing well, in fact your company is doing so well that you’ve grown the sales team but now you spend more time managing people than you do managing deals.
It’s a challenge that while you’re working like heck to close a deal, you’re swimming in emails and spreadsheets and your competition is right behind you. So as Coach John Wooden said, “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be” – how many signs on this list can you check off?

1. Reporting Takes Hours
You want to know the status of the open deals of each team member but this information is relayed via multiple spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, text messages and smoke signals. Pulling the data into one source takes half a day and a bottle of aspirin and the day after the report’s submitted there’s still no single source of truth.

2. You Miss (Or Scramble To Meet) Proposal Deadlines
Everyone knows what needs to be done and by when in order to send out a proposal but these deadlines seem to come as a surprise every time. You need a way to swarm an opportunity and find similar won deals without being swamped by email.

3. Your Team Has No Idea What Other People Are Working On
It’s only after the deal has closed and the contract’s signed that you discover one of your team used to work in the company you just sold into and their insights could have helped close the deal weeks or months earlier and at a more profitable rate.

4. Every Month You Reinvent The Wheel
Your team doesn’t consistently operate company-wide best practices and so they have no repeatable, sustainable methodology – everything’s done on a one-off basis and this hinders your ability to scale and to grow the business. Every time a new person joins it takes weeks of on-boarding and tribal knowledge to get them up to speed.

5. Decisions Are Made Based on Feelings or Influence, Not Data
Your most time consuming customers get the best deals and the best pricing but they are not the most profitable; these people don’t really help drive up sales but they do help drive you crazy. However you give into their demands based on anecdotal history and ancient relationships rather than data-driven facts. Meanwhile your most easy-going customers who take just three emails and a couple of calls to close a more profitable deal are neglected.

Get Ready For Take Off
If you recognize even one of these signs you need to seriously consider a CRM solution. Don’t fret and don’t feel overwhelmed – all you have to do is get in touch. At Endiem we are not just experts in Salesforce implementations and projects we are Salesforce MVPs and have years of experience of

We work in collaboration with you and your budget to tailor custom-made solutions to your business processes. Get in touch and look forward to closing deals with ease, not aspirin.

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