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Our Culture

When people love what they do, it shows. The culture of flexibility and trust we have built into our working practices allows each team member to thrive in a career that enriches their life.

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"Endiem isn't your average Salesforce partner; with over 20 years on the platform, 400+ projects, and 0 missed deadlines, our clients are the heartbeat of the company. We are proud to say "we do good work for nice customers."

Melanie Gehman
Operations Manager

"With a CEO who champions diversity in tech, teammates who love what they do, and countless glowing client testimonials, joining Houston’s fastest-growing Salesforce partner was an easy decision."

Brittany Douglas
Salesforce Analyst

"I am happy to have joined a team of seasoned, no-nonsense professionals with a strong track record of innovation and high-quality results"

Sunaina Jonnalagadda
Junior Analyst

Why Endiem?

No matter which direction you envision your career taking you, at Endiem, you will find a place that will nurture your growth. Do your core beliefs and values align with ours? If so, we would love to chat!

Technical work builds careers.

Donning multiple hats to deliver technical Salesforce projects is the fast route to furthering your career.

Challenge brings out the best in people.

The work we do is complex. It will challenge you, but it will also bring out the best in you.

Salesforce demands dynamism.

At Endiem, you get exposure to multiple clouds. One day you could be working on Sales Cloud and the next day on CPQ. The platform is very dynamic, and so is our team.

Reframe problems as puzzles.

Good solutions begin with intriguing puzzles. You get a part of the puzzle from each person you speak to in each department. That’s how you bring the pieces together and find the solution using coordination and lateral thinking.


Work must be meaningful.

You may feel like a small cog in the wheel at a bigger company. At Endiem, everyone makes a meaningful contribution. People here are purposeful.

No one should live for work.

Work is central to our lives, but it’s not what we live for. Endiem doesn’t just talk about work-life balance; we have the benefits and policies to bring our values to life.

Application Process

Apply Online

Browse our careers page to find the role that best fits with your skills, experiences, and interests. Apply online, and we will be in touch shortly.

Interest Conversation

A 20-minute conversation with a member of our hiring team allows you to share your experience, ask questions, learn more about the role and Endiem's culture, and see if our interests are aligned.

First Interview

This interview with a senior delivery team member assesses your experience, aptitude, and goals. Depending on the role, there may be a technology assessment.

Final Interview

The last interview is with a member of our leadership team to cover any topics that need additional time and answer any remaining questions you may have.

Open Positions

At Endiem, we are as passionate about our team as we are about our clients. Our people-first approach fosters an environment that brings meaning to our work and lives.

Benefits You'll Love

We want the best Salesforce talent to come and join our All-Star team here at Endiem. Along with engaging work and an outstanding work-life balance, here are the perks we offer our team.

  • Competitive salaries that align with the Salesforce market
  • 401k match up to 4% of the salary
  • Tailored health and dental insurance
  • Great remote culture with a hybrid schedule available for Houston-based employees
  • Paid time off plus paid holidays and weekday birthdays off
  • Budget and time to pursue professional development and uplevel your skills through training
  • We also participate in wellness days and paid volunteers days

You are not “just a number” at Endiem. If you want to do work that directly impacts our clients and business, you will be a great fit.

Ready to talk shop?

Let us know your Salesforce project needs and we’ll set up a time to chat about timelines, budgets, and next steps.

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