Industry Experience

Businesses use technology in different ways, but they all seek the same results: efficiency, security, transparency, integration, and compliance. Endiem has extensive experience in the industries below—but most of all, we have the creativity to design and implement the right solution for your needs, no matter which industry you’re in.


Energy companies need solid systems with failsafe integrations. Endiem can help you use Salesforce for data transparency, streamlined sales processes, forecasting, and pipeline visibility. Problems with disparate data? After we integrate it for you, you’ll have everything in one place.


Security is important to every industry, but in finance it’s paramount. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Endiem can help you develop Salesforce systems for tracking deal statuses and investments, investors and yield, and portfolio management. We’ve got the know-how to make sure it’s all FDIC compliant, too.


Tech companies often have complex systems that demand flawless integration. Let us set up your marketing automation, lead management, and sales processes. Need more? We’re ready to help with systems for opportunity management, quoting, customer acquisition, software deployment, and customer service.


Healthcare companies need systems that create efficiencies while adhering to strict compliance regulations. We’re ready to help you track the patient journey from inquiry to qualification to services and post-op management. And don’t worry: We’re in the know for HIPPA compliance and insurance management.

User Research

When it comes to user research, you’ve got to have the right systems in place if you want to secure the right data. Endiem can help you develop Salesforce systems to identify and recruit research participants, manage research projects and participants, and track the outcomes of your projects.


Manufacturing companies have tons of parts to manage. We’ll help you use Salesforce to capture tradeshow leads, follow up on sales inquiries, track the sales process, and use electronic data interchange (EDI) to share information with partners and accounting systems. We can even help with marketing automation and shipping/delivery.