April 30, 2021

7 reasons to attend the MuleSoft Connect Conference

7 reasons to attend the MuleSoft Connect Conference

The MuleSoft Connect conference is taking place on 18 May and we recommend you check it out.

MuleSoft is an absolute giant in the world of data integration. They connect data from any system, and they do it faster. So it’s no wonder that they are about to have an absolutely gigantic virtual conference and this is one that you should not miss. Here are 7 reasons you should take time on 18 May (from 9 am PT) to join this event.

  1. Get a preview of the future of data integration (*Spoiler alert!* its light, versatile, and it scales)
  2. Expand on your technical data integration chops. Even if you are already familiar with MuleSoft, the Technical track will take you places you haven’t been before.
  3. Learn how to innovate faster, whatever your role, with MuleSoft accelerators for Salesforce.
  4. Understand what you need to know about building better customer experiences by connecting systems such as ERP and OMS to Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud.
  5. Get to grips with better personalization. Hear from business leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands on how they have genuinely achieved a full customer 360.
  6. And finally, awesome guests. World Cup and Olympic Champion Footballer Megan Rapinoe and AstraZeneca CD&IO, Cindy Hoots are in the keynote lineup, so expect the inspiration levels to be VERY high.

In short, this is an excellent event for anyone working with business and customer data. So that would be you.

Oh, and finally, no. 7…. It's free! So don’t miss out and register today.

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