Appy Ever After: Taskray and Cirrus Insights

  • Aug 21, 17
  • Ashley Zuelke

Two of our favorite apps have entered into happily-ever-after-land together!

If you’re looking for a project management tool to use inside of Salesforce, Taskray jam packed with features. Taskray is easy to use and totally customizable with the setup you already have in Salesforce. Taskray is Classic and LEX-compatible, Salesforce1 mobile, and available with various license types. They have great customer service and offer tons of webinars to help Salesforce users get up and running. New releases include upgrades to kanban and calendars. 

Taskray makes managing your tasks even easier by marrying up with Cirrus Insights. Endiem uses Cirrus Insights every day to work Salesforce deals from our email inbox. Whether you use Outlook or Gmail Cirrus has you covered. The Cirrus Insights sidebar allows users to add and update leads, contacts, opportunities and activities. Once a lead or contact is added to Salesforce Cirrus can automatically track the emails. Cirrus and Taskray marry together in the cirrus sidebar giving you easy access to your project task and checklists.

In early 2017 Cirrus launched Flight Plans to give you the structure you need to quickly build a timeline of emails, calls, and to-do items and then add your prospects to the campaign that’s the best fit for them. Check out the pre-recorded webinars or reach out to Endiem and we’ll get you started.