Build a meaningful career in Salesforce

  • Apr 1, 22
  • Emily Danvers

As Endiem celebrates its 10-years-in-business milestone, we asked CEO and founder Geraldine Gray what makes for meaningful work and how she has built a business culture to enable that.

The first thing to know about Geraldine is that she loves what she does - Salesforce. While she loved her role at top consultancy Appirio, it became clear that being away from home the majority of the year was not compatible with family life. It was time to build a better balance. That’s where Endiem began.

This one-woman band has grown into the largest independent Salesforce consultancy in Houston over the years that followed. At the heart of this success are three fundamental beliefs:

  • People want to be successful.
  • People want to make a difference.
  • People want to do meaningful work.

So how does Geraldine bring this life at Endiem?

Make the team successful - give them work they love

  • Everyone has their own natural talents, and when you match people with projects where they can do their best work, that’s a powerful combination. Success is not just about the right work, though, it’s about balancing the right work with the right lifestyle. Give people the space they need to deliver to their best ability.

Make customers successful - deliver what they (really) need

  • There’s no room for vanity projects. Endiem customers want systems that work. They don’t want to become Salesforce experts - they want a team of experts they can trust. Endiem’s No.1 objective is to deliver the tools, processes, and data that have tangible impacts on the customer’s bottom line.

Make a difference

  • Salesforce has earned its place as a force for good in the world in more ways than one. Firstly, this is a platform transforming the world through more accountable, sustainable, and user-friendly systems. More than this, there is a business model that comes with philanthropy built-in. If you want to pledge a proportion of your time and profit to planet-enhancing initiatives that make a difference, then Salesforce is the place to build your career.

And that, my friend, is what meaningful work looks like at Endiem. If that makes sense to you, we’d love to hear from you. We are currently recruiting for several key roles, so please take a look at our careers page.