Build Your Own AppExchange Stack

  • Aug 1, 17
  • Ashley Zuelke

The Salesforce ecosystem is vast and constantly changing. Some of the best innovations and time saving tools will come from outside of your organization. At Endiem we build Salesforce solutions to solve our customer’s biggest issues; but we don’t build a brand new solution to solve every problem because sometimes it’s better to invest our time surfing the Salesforce AppExchange to find a ready-made app to solve our client’s need.

To discover an experienced Admin’s best keep secrets the AppExchange team wants you to play their new Heroku game, All In the Stack. Admins from around the world have built already built and shared their Stacks to showcase the apps they use to run their orgs.

It’s Easy! Go to and select Play! When you’re done adding your categories and apps preview and tweet your stack. And if it couldn’t get any better or be more fun the AppExchange is giving players the chance to win a speaking slot at Dreamforce 2017.

While you’re stacking and tweeting sign up to attend an All In The Stack: Salesforce Customers Share Their AppExchange Apps Webinar. The first webinar will take place on Wednesday, August 2nd. Sneak Peek: The first customers will be an experienced Sales User and a Admin who inherited an “ancient” org.

So whether you use Salesforce for Sales, Service, Marketing, or something in between we hope you take full advantage of the largest business focused app store online. Search #MyStackRules to see what apps Salesforce users, admins and developers are using.