Business Communities for Trailblazing Women in Tech

  • Mar 5, 21
  • Emily Danvers

Women’s History Month is the perfect occasion to celebrate some of the communities blazing a trail for women in business technology and the awesome women leading them.

Last week Endiem’s CEO, Geraldine Gray, received the honor of a global award for the most innovative meeting agenda as part of her role as a leader of the Houston chapter of the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN). Given that there are 72,000 members of the DWEN, we think that’s a pretty cool accomplishment.

Not only is this an excellent opportunity to celebrate Geraldine (yay, Geraldine!), given that it is also Women’s History Month, this is a GREAT opportunity to celebrate the power of womens’ business networks and the trailblazing women who lead and take part in them.

It’s a story that is close to our hearts here at Endiem. Women-led Salesforce consultancies are few and far between. Geraldine has used her position to develop a unique program of hiring women with no prior technology experience and building them into incredibly talented, skilled, knowledgeable consultants within two years.

However, this history of championing her fellow women in tech pre-dates Endiem: Rewind all the way to 2010, and Geraldine was already blazing the trail for female tech mentorship as the founder of Salesforce’s Girly Geeks (now the global community, Salesforce Women In Tech). Geraldine’s original motivation for setting up the group was the clear, guiding insight that communities can build careers.

“I know that developing an honest, open network of people for other women in the tech sector and entrepreneurship is an important path for many women looking to further their careers. As leaders, we must empower and encourage our female colleagues to ask for more money and promotion, to increase their skill sets, and set high goals for themselves in work and at home.”

It’s the same mindset that Endiem takes to its role as a proud sponsor and active mentor of Houston's Women in Energy Network. This business community promotes diversity in the energy sector. Founded in 1994 by Karyl White to enable the development and advancement of women in energy via a strong network, the WEN represents an excellent partnership for Endiem, built upon mutually held values.

The final trailblazing business community we would like to highlight is ALLY. Founded in 2013 by Katie Mehnert, as an online community for women in energy, their mission today is to empower the next generation of energy professionals and entrepreneurs. ALLY’s last conference garnered over 75,000 participants from all corners of the globe. Their annual GRIT awards ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the industry’s leading female lights’ achievements.

If you are an entrepreneur, a young startup, or a woman looking for a community in the business world, everyone here at Endiem encourages you to find your people, get out there and take your place in the network. We’d love to see you at an event. Once it’s safe for everyone to be together again - follow us via our social channels to find out where we will be. And if you think you like the sound of our values and culture here at Endiem, then check out our careers pages, as we are looking for more trailblazers to join us!