Can You Do Good Work For Endiem?

  • Aug 15, 19
  • Emily Danvers

We're growing lightning fast! Which means we need new Salesforce superstars to join our team. 

Finding superstars is hard work so we've revamped our hiring strategy. Take a look at the qualities we're looking for in candidates -- and that we want candidates to look for in us. (After all, the competition for Salesforce talent is fierce and we want to be an attractive option.)


  • Honest And Trustworthy Employers. Beyond fair pay and a healthy work environment, Endiem provides employees with career paths and development plans.
  • Professional And Personal Growth. We provide opportunities to attend development conferences on emerging technologies, innovative apps and motivational speakers.
  • Hands-On Learning. With our team, you can build your knowledge bank with help from real-world experiences.
  • Personal Impact. Everyone on the Endiem team directly contributes to the company's growth.
  • Service Opportunities. Endiem shares time, money, and skills to help improve the world we live in.

We work hard to create our own success story and we want the same for our team members. Because we live and breathe our values, we offer:

  • Endiem #Wellness. You spend your week in the office. Why not make it a relaxed and comfortable space? Standing desks, regularly scheduled chair massages and a bright and open workspace are little things that make a big impact in our work environment.
  • Career Development Plans. We give employees the opportunity to drive their own careers not just through the delivery of work, but by determining their own ambitious training goals and acting on them. Want to learn a new skill to aid in business growth? We are here to support you.
  • Utilization Bonuses. People want control over their careers and compensation. Through these bonuses, employees can drive new business and determine their own rewards.
  • Community Contributions. We encourage our team to participate in our local community. From events at school and places of worship to sports and anything else in between. Such efforts are rewarded with a generous annual donation.

We do good work for nice customers. Can you?