February 20, 2017

Deep Cleaning Your Marketing or Salesforce

Deep Cleaning Your Marketing or Salesforce

Marketing maintenance is often the big elephant in the room for most data-driven businesses. It can feel like an enormous issue, everyone knows it’s there, but it’s tough to know exactly how to deal with it. Learn how to tame the elephant and streamline your marketing using a few refreshingly simple ideas we borrowed from the insanely popular KonMari Method’s playbook, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

We’ve got a few key tips on how to remove the clutter that’s keeping your Salesforce database and overall marketing efforts from living their brightest, most efficient lives. After just a few quick steps, you are sure to see your marketing step up its efficiency game. You’ll get more done, be more precise with targeting and free up your energy for fresh ideas.

Sit back and watch the life-changing magic happen.

Dive in and don’t stop
Even if your marketing is a mind-boggling mess, taking a few simple steps to clean up your data and priorities can make a huge difference. You might even develop some valuable habits that can save a lot of time and frustration in the future. The first, and perhaps most important, step is that you commit fully to the process—don’t stop until you’re done.

Polish your priority list
Like virtually every other human, you probably rarely get to the end of your to-do list—if ever. Being overwhelmed might lead you to procrastinate. Fight the avoidance urge with a renewed sense of priority. Concentrate on the important, delegate what you can and learn how to say, “no” to things that just don’t need your attention. You’ll get more laser-focused and goal-oriented before you know it.

Visualize the squeaky-clean Salesforce future
The KonMari Method stresses the importance of visualization techniques for your home, so why not for your business? Actions with no meaningful significance or mindfulness are unlikely to create a sustainable impact, so visualizing both your end goal and motivation is critical. Ask yourself the right questions and start seeing your end goal:

What does your marketing look like in its ideal state?

Why do you want your Salesforce or marketing tactics to work better?

Clean your contacts
If you’re actively utilizing Salesforce, you already know that your contacts are the cornerstone of your direct marketing and sales activity. Bite the bullet, dig in and really freshen those contacts up. Go through your database and ensure that each contact’s information is properly updated with the most current information available. Make sure that your opportunities and customers are clearly identified as such. Take a look at your sales funnel as well to make sure nothing is overlooked. The biggest end-of-year oversight is past award dates. If you choose to make this contact maintenance a part of every client project, ensuring smarter client data get a lot easier over time.

Stay mindful with social media
Putting your social media following on autopilot is something that most businesses do, but it can leave your feed and follower list feeling a little gunky. If you’ve noticed an uptick in spam accounts or irrelevant followers, it’s likely time to give your followers list a once over. Block any spam accounts and take a quick inventory of your followers. Note if you see a large number of followers that simply aren’t your target market. If you do, it might be time for a strategy overhaul.

Discard the gunk, then spark some joy
In the end, the KonMari Method is about two things: holding on to what sparks joy and getting rid of everything that doesn’t. Take a moment to distance yourself from the tasks, contacts, systems, and projects that aren’t serving your business and hold tight to the stuff that really works and brings life and joy.

Need some decluttering help? We’re here.
No one can do it all. If there’s a part of Salesforce that’s leaving you joyless, let us turn it around for you. Let’s start a project today to get closer to unhindered marketing joy.


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