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Why digital is relevant to oil & gas


Geraldine Gray

January 22, 2015

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days you must have seen that the Energy Digital Summit is in Houston this week and is co-sponsored by the fun folks of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud team.

There are tons of great speakers and there’s lots to learn but if you can’t make it here’s four super quick takeaways from Scott Berg, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at IHS and a key member of the team that recently took live.

  • Every company should blog: start by asking your staff to write content that interests them & solves business problems
  • Advocates will sell your products: it takes a long time to build a fan base but they will be loyal and they will drive activity to your site
  • No prospect deserves 1-800-HELL: have sales people answer the phone and provide old school customer service
  • Make it easy to buy online: design your site so that customers are no more than two or three clicks to the products they’re looking for

So – what are you waiting for? Energy Digital Summit continues tomorrow and registration is still open.

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