Don’t be an ass: Apply the Golden Rule and get more business

  • Jul 27, 15
  • Hami Arrington

Business etiquette hinges on the Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. In other words, you should not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated. The concept describes a reciprocal and equal relationship between two parties.

While most people operate with this unspoken code of behavior that defines expectations for social behavior, some are lost. Business development, partnerships, and long-term growth are often based on how well you understand the importance of being nice. People like to work with and help nice people. On the other hand, people do not like to help those who are mean.

The purpose of manners is to give us a practical structure to deal with each other. It is a roadmap for dealing with everyday business. Those who show care in the way they behave when others are around them says a lot about you as a leader. Nice people guide others by their examples. Each time you live up to the Golden Rule, your reputation is enhanced. Each time you are an ass, it is diminished.

Sure, you can bully your way to the top, but on the way, you will burn bridges and earn a bad reputation. Once you “make it” you won’t be there very long because your relationships are all damaged. Rather than helping you, they’ll try to tear you down. The scorned will not only avoid you, they’ll act as your detractors.

On the other hand, if you try to be nice and treat others like you want to be treated you’ll find that people will not only be willing to help you get to the top, but they will also help you stay there. People who are treated well will recommend and refer you.

In short: Don’t be an ass. People who are mean and self-centered will get rejected when they ask for favors. If you want staying power, connections, and growth then apply the Golden Rule and be nice.

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