Enable Your Organization To Meet Its 2020 Goals Using Dashboards

  • Jan 6, 20
  • Maddison

A KPI or “Key Performance Indicator” is one of the best tools to monitor your company's goals. KPIs keep the business’s key objectives as the main focus when making decisions. It's imperative that the KPIs are communicated throughout the entire company. Each individual member knows and is responsible for their own actions that impact the KPIs. Measuring and communicating the KPIs ensure the business’s overall goals stay in focus.

The best place to visualize all of your KPIs is on a dashboard. A dashboard is going to let you see all of your KPIs together and this will give you a fuller picture on how you’re performing on each different measurement. This could be a measure of job functionality/performance or could be marketing related and measure the data coming in from your website ( example: how many visitors converted to leads per month). Here are 5 tips to make your KPI Dashboard drive action:

  • Use Report Component Titles To Group Reports - the left column might be “Last Year”, the middle column “This Year” and the right column “Next Year” data
  • Name Report Components With Clear Sub-Titles - The sub-title identifies the data so that users know exactly what the number measures
  • Identify the Action In The Report Component Footer - Component footers are a great place to tell the user how to improve their KPI
  • Keep Report Components Simple - Users can drill down to the report to see all of the detail, use the Dashboard as a high-level communication tool
  • Limit Dashboards to 9-12 Report Components - The more report components on the page the longer the page will take to load. Keep the Report Components to a minimum
  • Use Your Dashboard To Run Your Sales Meetings - Drive performance directly from the source

Leaders identify KPIs that support the business’s strategies, so all KPIs should be quantitative - can we measure this with an existing data set or do we need to implement something new, feasible - is this goal reasonably obtainable, and purposeful - does this KPI show that we are headed in the right direction. If you haven’t identified your KPIs, it’s time to rally the troops! Need help? Drop us a line!