Enhanced User Experience With Salesforce Lightning

  • Apr 14, 20
  • Maddison

Salesforce transitioned to the Lightning platform over 4 years ago, and during this time, companies have been slowly migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience (LEX). Many companies who thrived on Classic were or are worried about LEX User Adoption. It was announced last year that Salesforce would no longer be expanding on the Classic platform and would start turning on Lightning Experience for all Orgs. This does not mean you are being forced to migrate to Lightning, yet. What it does mean is, Salesforce will automatically switch users to Lightning Experience on a weekly basis. You still have the ability to toggle between both platforms.

According to Salesforce, LEX is specially designed for a superior, mobile, laptop and desktop experience. LEX is a completely new CRM experience that has accelerated adoption and value for every Salesforce customer and end-user. It’s a re-imagined platform designed to maximize sales reps productivity, complete with analytics and in-line intelligence that will drive sales precision. Salesforce says that the initial focus in designing LEX was to improve the core sales features salespeople use every day. Salespeople wanted tools that could improve productivity and drive businesses forward faster. So, Lightning was built as an application that has a point of view on sales and drives new levels of efficiency, versus just a database for tracking contact information.

Some user benefits of migrating to Lightning include the fact that all new and enhanced features are only being built on the Lightning Platform, the UX is improved by drag-and-drop functionality, and the ability to make Salesforce implementations more secure with increased security settings. In a case study done by Bacancy Technology, migrating to Lightning increased Salesforce productivity by 53%, showed a 41% growth rate in revenue, and 70% faster application development time.

The differences between Classic and Lightning are more than just updates to the fonts, colors, and icons. Lightning is an AI tool, meaning it intelligently learns your habits and movements in your Org and makes smart recommendations for you as you use the tool. There is also quicker access for sales-users to Contacts, Quotes, and Proposals. This helps to reduce clicks and out-of-system work, making sales-users more efficient. Also, field workers have more insight into new or improved features such as knowledge articles, improved Dashboards, case histories, and custom profiles. These differences and more are reasons why you should be considering migrating your org from Classic to Lightning or if (self) migrated already, consider an Org Enhancement.

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