August 7, 2017

Find Your Tribe - Building A Network Through Salesforce

Find Your Tribe - Building A Network Through Salesforce

Getting started or building on your existing network can be daunting, but everyone does it. If you’ve attended a local Salesforce event or conference you’ll hear people talk about the Salesforce ecosystem (platform and people) and the abundance of employment opportunities. A great Salesforce network can help you keep up on Salesforce enhancements, find a tribe that understand what you do for a living, and create lifelong friendships. Geraldine Gray, Endiem CEO, is a great example of a network builder. Geraldine started Girly Geeks at Dreamforce in 2010 and handed the networking group off to Salesforce in 2015, now you’ll find 70+ Salesforce Women In Tech Communities.

If you’re looking to kick of your mid-year networking resolutions again we have some recommendations on how to get started.

Find one person

Learning about a new topic or building your network is always more fun with a wingman (or women). Start by building your network with one person that is interested in meeting new people. At Endiem we pick one co-worker to attend an event with once a month. Like going to the gym, you’ll be more accountable when you have a person to be accountable to.

Commit to networking for a year

Make a goal of attending 1 networking event or industry learning event a month. Making a habit of meeting new people and growing your network requires time and dedication. By committing to 1 meeting a month you can pick and chose the best event for your schedule and variety of learning activities.

Attend a topic you’re really interested in

Don’t give yourself a easy way to decline just before the event, pick a topic or event that you’re really interested in attending. Like wine? Find a happy hour networking group. Are you interested in earning building your Trailhead knowledge in a social way? Go to a Salesforce Saturday event. Like to hear speakers join a user group or host one at your office with a local partner.

Invest in your network at a conference

Attending a conference with like-minded women is one of the most useful ways to build your tribe.  The investment is real, not just monetary, but also in time and effort.  Witness Success is a Women in Tech (WIT) event being hosted in August 2017.  The one-day Salesforce community-led career development event with allies dinner hopes to equip attendees to excel in their Salesforce careers, be role models, and mentor others Find out more about Witness Success efforts at @witnesssuccess.

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