December 8, 2016

Game-Changing Integration: Salesforce Lightning + Salesforce CPQ

Game-Changing Integration: Salesforce Lightning + Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce Lightning + CPQ

Ever since Salesforce and Steelbrick joined forces, sparks flew and we all knew things would never be the same. In this special CPQ series, we’ll explore all the ins and outs of how this marriage will make your business run better.

There will never be an end-all and be-all for better, stronger and faster systems for your business—but the latest Salesforce Lightning + Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick) integration is getting pretty damn close. The integration upgrade brings two incredibly powerful systems onto one platform, creating a workflow that’s as seamless as it is robust. Separately, these systems are formidable but when they’re combined, they might even be category killers.

Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce CPQ hold their own
Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce CPQ as stand-alone products are the solutions of choice for many businesses. Each offers significant advancements and benefits that users will immediately appreciate.
Salesforce Lightning’s most important upgrade is the lack of need for third-party app integration. No need for app integration means a lot of time saved and little effort wasted. The platform also offers attractive features like easy app development for the platform and a better overall experience with the Salesforce ecosystem.
Salesforce CPQ is the defending grand master of sales productivity. It takes the tedious, error-prone tasks that slow down your sales team and does them more efficiently and effectively than you may have thought possible. It can fairly and evenly distribute leads to your salespeople, manage your contracts and pricing and put together a proposal sans frustration.

Native-ness matters
Everything really does work better on a native platform. Salesforce CPQ is designed for Salesforce users and built for Lightning. The makeshift integration and toggling between apps to complete a task is no longer necessary since everything is contained in one, fully integrated system. The learning curve is also completely obliterated, because if you understand Salesforce, you’re already there with Salesforce CPQ. Native-ness also lends itself to smart scalability and enhanced security. It’s easier and it’s better—what more could you want?

When combined, the features are deal-sealers
The real magic happens when these two powerful capabilities join forces. Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce CPQ offer synchronous features that are difficult to turn down. For instance, companies often have complex discount levels for products. When salespeople try to manually match up those discount levels with prices that are constantly changing, it can be extremely challenging and might result in inaccurate pricing to the customer. With this platform, salespeople can see everything in one place while they create the price quote. Mess-free accuracy!

Start your CPQ transformation
If your company falls in one of the following three categories, we should talk:

  1. What is a CPQ system, again?
  2. You have a CPQ system but it’s piecemeal, getting close to obsolete or just not the right solution for your business.
  3. You have a great CPQ system, but you know that it could be working harder for your business if you had the right processes and procedures in place.

We can meet you where you are with the expertise and experience (we’re certified!) that you need to get where you want to go. Let’s get started.


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