Get Ready For A New Salesforce Release: Setup a Pre-Release Org

  • May 17, 19
  • Ashley Zuelke

Salesforce Summer ‘19 release is quickly approaching and soon you will be able to take advantage of the exciting new features and functionality. This might be one of the reasons why cloud technology has become so popular, no huge investments to upgrade mainframes, just sit back and let Salesforce update your Org’s automatically!

But Wait! It’s not all roses - Admins with custom development should be aware of what’s coming out in the next release. Here’s where the Salesforce Pre-Release Org comes into play. For the hands-on learners, to get a deeper understanding of these new features being released by Salesforce quarterly, your Admin must sign up for a Pre-Release Org.

Admins can now test the new features and enhancements before the release hits the Production Org and all of your users start to wonder, “WHAT’S THIS NEW BUTTON?” This will give the System Admin (and users) an understanding of the features to be implemented, and a head start on determining what features will be most suitable for their business processes.

Information about the Pre-Release org can be found in the Summer ‘19 Release Notes. Access to the Summer ‘19 pre-release org can be requested here and the login information will be sent to you.

Stuck and need an extra hand to jump-start your journey to the cloud, we are here to help!