Getting Things Done in the Training Space on Salesforce

  • Sep 6, 19
  • Emily Danvers

Endiem loves to help customers align their business processes. That may sound dry, but at Endiem, it’s why we get up in the morning – and we do it in a fun and personable way, of course! Here’s a sample of how we helped a major training company meet its goals using Salesforce.

The Company: A SaaS-based training company

The Problem: This company was already using Salesforce, but it had a couple of problems: first, their Salesforce instance was in an environment they couldn’t control, so it couldn’t adjust to the changes in processes as rapidly as necessary. Second, they were in the process of rebooting their organization – so sometimes, the processes weren’t even defined!

Why They Chose Endiem: It isn’t easy to choose a partner, particularly when your own internal team is dispersed and when you’re in the middle of organizational change. “We needed a team that had a ton of experience in SaaS-based product companies, and one that could work independently without a handholding,” said the COO. “And we wanted to work with the badass Salesforce consultants.”

How It Worked Out: This training company migrated from an old, outdated environment to one that matched how they did business—and could grow as they grew. They can scale quickly as their processes and team develop. Now, their marketing team can identify SDRs, the sales team can price deals and quote quickly, customers can use DocuSign for their contracts and get access to their training platform quickly. Bonus: they know who their best customers are, now, and can help prevent attrition by managing their renewals and add-ons in Salesforce. All of their systems communicate, which provides a holistic vision of both the customer and their own organization.

How Our Relationship Continues to Grow: Endiem continues to provide tactical and strategic support to this training company, whether in Texas or around the world. We’ve learned their people and processes, and can act as an advisor – not just as a vendor. According to their COO, Endiem “does good work on time, and are fun and funny to work with.”

That’s what we do: good work, on time, while having some fun (naturally!). Do you want to work with us?