Have You Heard About Spekit?

  • Aug 25, 20
  • Emily Danvers

Endiem is proud to say we have recently become partners with Spekit! Spekit is a digital adoption and enablement platform, that accelerates onboarding, self-sufficiency and remote productivity with in-app learning in any tool. Spekit’s Co-founder & CEO Melanie Fellay saw a need for a tool like Spekit while working in the startup world. It was her responsibility to teach users about how Salesforce was being used within their business, to ensure all the employees understood the platform and their processes within the platform. The challenge she kept finding was as she was making changes, she didn’t have an effective way of communicating them in an easy way for the employee to attain. The solution was what would become Spekit!

Melanie wanted to create a centralized source of truth where the information the employees needed about the business, process, or applications could be accessed immediately from wherever they were, whether that be in an email or in the middle of a workflow. Melanie and Spekit made this easy by connecting the company’s knowledge base to the underlying processes. Spekit connects to Salesforce and allows you to build your training and your knowledge around your existing fields, stages, and business processes. This ensures that company knowledge stays updated to date as changes are being made to your platform. Spekit paired their technology with the Salesforce platform to ensure that they stayed ahead of the curve and innovated at the same rate as one of the most powerful technology companies in the world.

Being Partnered with Spekit means that our Endiem ADvantage customers automatically have use of the Spekit technology, making processes like onboarding and training a breeze. Get in touch with us to learn more about Endiem ADvantage and how our partnerships with Spekit and other innovative companies can be used to your advantage!