How a Salesforce Strategic Partner adds value

  • Jul 16, 21
  • Emily Danvers

Knowing the parameters of a Salesforce Strategic Partner’s role is the first step in helping you get maximum value from the relationship. Today, we’ll cover exactly what a Salesforce Strategic Partner should bring to your organization.

Suppose it’s your job to ensure your company’s investment in Salesforce generates a positive return while providing a stellar user experience. In that case, selecting a Strategic Partner is the ultimate vehicle for achieving this while fueling operational and organizational growth. Drawing on expertise from Salesforce consultants, developers, architects, and analysts, this is the team that will guide you and makes sure you are investing wisely and effectively in your Salesforce setup.

First, let’s consider some of the different types of projects within the remit of your Salesforce Strategic Partner:

  • Roadmapping
  • Hands-on org audits
  • Pardot implementation
  • CPQ design and build
  • AppExchange solution selection and implementation
  • API integration with external platforms
  • Org customization beyond Sales and Service Clouds
  • Ongoing support to drive adoption
  • Data management

A good Strategic Partner will go beyond project delivery, however. Their role is to make sure that not only are you doing things right, but you are doing the right things.

Here are some examples of where a good Strategic Partner will deliver value to give you some context.

  • Build vs. Buy Analysis

Do you build an app or buy the software? Your partner will work with you to evaluate both options and reach a solid conclusion.

  • Building to Scale

Every business should plan to scale for long-term growth; your trusted partner will be crucial in creating the right Salesforce strategy to support this growth.

  • Training for the future

Adding new technology can create a gap in skills. Your Strategic Partner will work with you to develop and deliver the plan to prepare your whole team for the next chapter on Salesforce.

  • Sitting on your side of the table.

Your Strategic Partner will be the one you trust to take into any meeting and come out with the right outcome for your business, rather than the outcome that suits the team delivering their pitch.

  • Being an extension of your team

By working in synergy with you, being aligned on values, and creating trust through expertise, the key quality of a Strategic Partner is that they are an extension of your existing team.

These are just a few examples; there are many more ways that a Salesforce Strategic Partner will add value and ensure that your business platform keeps pace with your organization’s growth. Suffice to say, if your company has dedicated (or plans to dedicate) a significant portion of tech budget to Salesforce licenses or Apps, then building a relationship with a trusted partner will be a critical success factor for the future. Endiem is widely recognized as a Salesforce Strategic Partner to some of the leading names in energy, construction, manufacturing, and venture capital. 

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Next week, we will look at how you can evaluate a Salesforce Strategic Partner and make the right choice for your organization.