If you can template it, you should TaskRay it

  • Apr 16, 21
  • Emily Danvers

Why we love TaskRay for project managing our repeatable processes on Salesforce.

There’s a Salesforce solution out there that gets filed under several different categories. Some people call it Onboarding, and some Customer Onboarding. Others put it under the heading of Project Management. They are all correct! AppExchange product TaskRay covers all of these options, and that’s why it is such a fantastic resource to supercharge Salesforce.

What TaskRay does, in a nutshell, is give you the chance to templatize all of your projects that you roll out over and again, setting them in motion in Salesforce at the click of a button, and allowing you to manage them effectively.

Let’s talk use cases. No doubt you have a standard process when it comes to onboarding new employees. No matter their job description, there’s a whole raft of actions that everyone needs to take when it comes to starting work with you - information for your finance team, collecting ID, writing their team introduction; the list goes on.

Or how about when you want to onboard a new customer onto your product or service? Same again, much of that process is standardized and repeatable.

In fact, any process in your business that you can templatize should be TaskRay’ed. 

Not only do you save precious time (also know as ‘dollars’), you can schedule the rollout and assign the tasks to your stakeholders, both internal and external. What’s more, you can see the exact status of every one of your projects at all times. Even better, it’s all in Salesforce, which means you get all the supercharged benefits of the main platform to draw into your implementation of TaskRay.

We love TaskRay at Endiem. At present, we are predominantly using the solution for Employee Onboarding. However, as we further templatize our service rollout, we will deploy Taskray more and more as the only way to onboard new customers.

If you want us to walk you through how we use TaskRay, please give us a call. Taskray is easy to install and intuitive to use, but if you have a more complex use case requiring some unique customization, get in touch as we’d love to help. That’s our sweet spot.