May 24, 2017

In A Jungle Of Job Seekers - Part 2: Have A Guide

In A Jungle Of Job Seekers - Part 2: Have A Guide

Life changes can be daunting, but having someone by your side to guide the way can give you the confidence to move forward.  I’ve been talking to Chris Hopper, Founder of The CRM Recruiter, about his tips for job seekers and recruiters (see our blog, In A Jungle of Job Seekers - Be A Hunter) and the Houston job market.

The CRM Houston Job Market Terrain:  Experience or Qualifications

What are companies looking for?  How do I market myself or the position?  Knowing what to focus on when putting together a resume or setting up an interview will help weed out the competition.  Chris provided this recommendation for making the right impression.

Question:  The Houston market is hot for Salesforce talent - which is more important: years of experience or qualifications?


Experience by a longshot.  Unfortunately, the conundrum will always remain “how can I get experience if I don’t have experience”.  The Salesforce market has done a remarkable job offering volunteering opportunities to get hands-on experience doing real work for companies, so I recommend any candidate to jump at that.  The certifications are an added bonus to show that you’re committed, but I can tell you first hand of candidates who had a few certs under their belt and still struggled to get their foot in the door.”


Finding Your Way Around The Job Market Jungle

The job market can be a jungle. Finding your way around it can be tricky and if you don’t have a good guide you can get lost in the terrain.   Chris adds this final statement, “The talent sourcing industry is all about relationships, more than I think almost any other industry as we have two relationships that need to be upheld at all times, both that of the client and of the candidate.”

Feel like you need an experienced guide who works with professionals all across the entire CRM niche - from Consultants, Full-Time Employees, and Client Decision Makers to System Integrator Senior Managers and Human Resources/Talent Acquisition?

Contact Chris Hopper at The CRM Recruiter or 770-329-0920 he will be with you every step of the way to building the brand and network you need to land your next gig. Chris Hopper founded The CRM Recruiter after 17 years of I.T. experience as a CRM Analyst and Consultant based in Houston, TX.

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