It’s All Connected: How the Latest Cirrus Integrations Will Save Your Life

  • Nov 7, 16
  • Geraldine Gray

If you’re using Salesforce, you probably already feel like it’s a tool that is essential to your success. The functionalities are constantly adapting and growing to fit the many demands of its user base.
However, you may have found one exceedingly annoying hiccup in your day-to-day use—email integration. If you’re frustrated with interrupting your workflow to do data entry and recon between your email and Salesforce, then it’s likely your team is adopting Salesforce slower than you’d prefer. It’s a problem that may make you feel completely exasperated and helpless. Thankfully, you don’t have to move at a snails’ pace—there’s a happy ending to this story!

Enter Cirrus Insight. Our hero rides in on a unicorn (Cirrus Insight’s unofficial mascot). Their system is a powerful, accurate and incredibly effective solution to the integration problems that are keeping you up at night. Cirrus started with just two people and now boasts active users on every continent—except Antarctica, but they’re working on it. With integrations for nearly every email client under the sun, it’s easy to see why the number of people who love Cirrus is growing quickly.

Features that save a lot of time in no time
Any business knows that numbers are powerful. The fact that Cirrus Insight users save an average of over 4 hours per week (or the equivalent of a one-month vacation per year!) is an undeniable game-changer. If you are a Salesforce user, you have the opportunity to get time-saving results like this. If you’re wondering how this could be possible, the answer lies within some seriously smart features that will put your productivity and accuracy in hyper drive:

  • Clunky, mistake-prone data entry goes out the window with Email Sync, which instantly saves your emails and attachments to Salesforce, either automatically or with a click. It also instantly creates new (or edits outdated) Salesforce records.
  • Feel like a smartphone in a world that was made for desktops? Not anymore. Your calls can be automatically logged into Salesforce and attached to the lead or contact—all from your mobile!
  • If you live and die by your calendar, you’ll love the fact that Calendar Sync seamlessly syncs Salesforce with your Gmail or Outlook calendar from creation to changes.
  • The crucial decision-making data you need is where and when you need it—in your inbox. You’ll love the customizable analytics dashboard that allows you to view your customer data, track emails and links, and find anything you need right in your inbox.
  •  The Cirrus Insight app feels like an inbox that finally gets it. You’ll be able to send and analyze campaigns, share and book meetings with prospects, create automated email flows, and access key AppExchange features.

Let’s get started with Cirrus and Salesforce
Are you ready to start making your work life a whole lot easier with a simple, seamless integration between your email and Salesforce using Cirrus Insight? Reach out and we’ll walk you through the process. We’re ready and waiting to help you find the right system to make your productivity soar and your frustrations disappear.