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Innovative Ways To Leverage The Salesforce Platform


Geraldine Gray

September 30, 2013

The Salesforce Platform takes CRM beyond accounts and contacts – it’s the first step to moving your office activities to the cloud. Here’s a few of the innovative ways Endiem customers use Salesforce to gain efficiencies and better manage their business processes.

  • Healthcare Procedures:
    Using the Salesforce platform to manage the end-to-end process of patient on-boarding and follow up in a paperless office environment leveraging Conga Merge to produce patient documentation and Box to store it. Insurance, medical and facility data all securely stored but easily accessed.
  • Software User Experience Testing:
    Managing the end-to-end process of recruiting participants via social media to take part in detailed research activities which makes their end product better for users. Find, recruit, invite, schedule and reward participants using the platform.
  • Integrating Energy Purchasing Data:
    Leveraging the Salesforce platform and LinkedIn APIs to integrate a database of key purchasing contacts and their related projects with new and existing Salesforce opportunities to provide insights as to who the influential people are in a global deal. Follow the inside track to open the door on new deals.
  • Running a Family Vineyard:
    Salesforce is the platform used to manage the inventory, online purchasing and distribution of wine from a boutique vineyard. Salesforce is used for the marketing, selling and reporting of the end-to-end consumer experience.
  • Manufacturing:
    Instead of waiting to return to the office to close opportunities a once traditional sales team creates and publishes quotes on the fly and has the customer sign the deal there and then. Using native Salesforce features and DocuSign these guys close deals in hours, not days.

What Can The Platform Do For You?
What keeps you up at night? What are your business goals and challenges for the remainder of 2013? What do you want to accomplish in 2014? Endiem delivers success so contact us to discuss how leveraging the Salesforce Platform you’re already paying for can help manage your processes, drive business efficiencies, provide analytical insights and help you to close more deals, faster.

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