Looking Forward - What Do We See In Salesforce’s Future?

  • May 31, 19
  • Minella Annoh

I’m sure you've heard about Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Tableau. As Salesforce continues to grow with more mergers and acquisitions, it is but normal to anticipate the future career options and advances in technology. Two questions that may come to mind are: Where do I fit in? Is my company equipped for all the future changes and enhancements?

Salesforce, though cloud-based, will need more earthlings who are better equipped to manage and foster it’s ever growing and innovative technology. Careers in Business Analytics and Business Information Systems will be quite lucrative in the coming years.

Salesforce has proven to be future proof, despite the little recent meltdown that left users wondering “Who changed my access?”. Organizations are therefore encouraged to invest smart people (like those at Endiem), who can easily learn about their current state and provide effective solutioning. When considering future-proof technology to invest in, be sure the tool is a good fit for the job and your organization.

Some deciding questions include:

  • What does the Business want to solve?
  • How will this affect the users and the user experience?
  • What is the process needs to be enhanced or adhered to for this to be a success?
  • What can I do to make training and on-boarding of new users easier?
  • Can an AppExchange product be leveraged to solve this issue?
    • Some of our favorites are: Conga for Contracts and Agreements, DocuSign for e-signatures, Marketo for Marketing Automations, Geopointe for field mapping and routing, Textey to effectively capture the millennial clients through text messages, Anaplan for territory Quota planning, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for effective productivity for inside Sales.

The Salesforce ecosystem is ever-changing and successful organizations will be those that understand and fully adopt the new ways of winning deals! Let Endiem help you along your winning ways, give us a call today!