Make Sure You're in the Know, Salesforce 2020 Feature Retirements

  • Apr 15, 20
  • Laura Martin

Salesforce builds its platform on trust and transparency, thus providing information on its Feature Retirements is no different. The Feature Retirements are built on a philosophy of providing customers with visibility and adequate advance notice on service changes being made on the platform, based on customer feedback, especially through IdeaExchange. These retirement notifications are communicated to your Salesforce Admin various intervals, beginning at least 12 months prior to the retirement date.

One of such retirements recently announced is the Microsoft Edge Legacy, an HTML based browser for Windows 10, for Classic and Lightning Experience. This feature retirement will go into effect as of December 31, 2020. Salesforce’s decision to retire support for the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser was due to the release of a New Microsoft Edge browser in January 2020. The New Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and is available on Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10, and MacOS. Downloading the New Microsoft Edge will replace the Legacy version of the Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs. The New Edge web browser looks and feels a lot like Chrome since it is built on the same web-browsing platform, Chromium. The New Edge browser does support Chrome extension which gives you a wider variety of options than the previous Edge Legacy did. Another key feature the new Edge has is a built-in tracking prevention feature and a potentially unwanted program blocker. You can download the New Microsoft Edge browser here.

Another feature retirement is the Data Recovery Service, formally known as Data Restoration, effective July 31, 2020. The decision to discontinue this service was due to the service failing to meet the customer expectations for processing time and reliability. The Data Recovery process takes 6-8 weeks to complete and Salesforce is unable to guarantee 100% data recovery. Salesforce does offer several native data backup options for no additional cost such as Data Export Service, Data Loader, & Report Export that are manual exports. If you prefer to have an automated backup for your data and metadata, there are several third-party options available on the AppExchange for a fee.

Salesforce feature retirements occur quite often, though Salesforce is great about communicating these changes, your Admin (or you) might be overwhelmed with other work. Need support in staying up to date with your Salesforce Org, call Endiem today!