Mission Control...Your Project Management Solution!

  • Jun 4, 20
  • Emily Danvers

In the business world today, project management is critical to the success of almost any business venture. Using project management methodologies, teams can keep an eye on the risks, scope, and tasks associated with projects. The number of software tools specifically geared to help keep projects on track and help project managers get a handle on all of the moving parts has significantly increased in the last decade. With so many choices, it’s hard to decide what the best tool is for your business.

At Endiem we are using Mission Control for our project planning which runs on the Salesforce platform. It is a Salesforce native app, which means it was built to be used with Salesforce specifically, the UI even resembles the Standard Salesforce UI. There are several features embedded in the Mission Control App that makes our Project management process seamless; from tracking all project financials to viewing all briefs, progress, and allocating resources for all your projects in an interactive Gantt Chart. The simple to use UI allows for Program/Roadmap planning using the Program Planner where we’re able to map out and manage a long term roadmap of requirements and user stories that will be delivered across a series of Projects. With just a few clicks, we quickly and easily create a project framework with all of the required milestone deliverables we need.

The Interactive Gantt Chart allows for building new Milestones, Actions, and Checklist Items, rescheduling existing timelines, reassigning owners, and building out dependencies. The Gantt can also be exported as a PDF to share the timeline with colleagues or clients.

Milestones and their associated actions can be viewed in the Resource Capacity Planning section, to identify bottlenecks and holidays, or reassign or reschedule actions to fit the capacity of project resources.

In addition to resource planning, utilizations can be easily tracked based on the number of hours a person (role) worked in a given week, billable vs non-billable time logged, and the percentage of available time being utilized. This Role Utilization report gives an overview of how much of a Role or Team’s available time is being consumed, whether it be via time logged, holidays were taken, or both.

Time/hours can be logged against projects via timesheets or the Salesforce1 Time Logger through its Start/Stop functionality and then submitted for approval. This allows for ease in keeping a record of the hours spent on working on any Project. It also provides a list of all actions assigned to an individual for a specific week.

Finally, the PMO Dashboard provides a birds eye view of how each project is performing by highlighting key metrics that provides an instant insight into the performace against budget and timeline. These metrics include:

  • Cost Performact Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performace Index (SPI)
  • Recognized Revenue

Clearly, Mission Control is a scalable tool that can be used by the smallest of companies to the largest of enterprises. It will help streamline your project management process, and keep your team focused and on task. For more information about Mission Control or help integrating it into your current salesforce org, hit us up!