December 20, 2023

My 2023 Highlights

My 2023 Highlights

What a year at Endiem. As we close out 2023, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on where this year has taken us as a business. If there were one word to describe the last 12 months, it would be growth. I’m not just talking about revenue: this has been a year of growing relationships, skill sets, confidence, team, culture, ambition, recognition, and innovation.

This has been an unforgettable year in so many ways. 2023 presented a massive personal challenge as I was diagnosed with, treated for, and survived breast cancer (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs) while keeping a sense of humor. A bittersweet victory, as I consider several treasured members of the Salesforce ecosystem who were not as fortunate as I am. My heart goes out to their friends and family.

My deep gratitude goes to my husband (Brian), friends, family, and the Endiem team.

Here are a few highlights that tell the 2023 Endiem story. Thanks for your attention.

#1 Certified Superstars

In a team of shining stars, I want to give special shout-outs to Jamie, Britt, Tess, and Sunaina, who are on fire with their Salesforce skills! They have gone from strength to strength in their journey on the platform, and I couldn't be prouder.

Customers love them, and so do their colleagues. Keep up the good work, folks!

#2 Giving Back

We are not just about tech; we've got big hearts, too! Kids Meals Inc. and the Houston Food Bank can vouch for our love of giving back. It's not just about writing checks; it’s about joining in and making a difference #dogoodwork. 

#3 The Dream Team Expansion

Steve, John, and Christopher joined our crew as Delivery Directors, akin to the Avengers of the Salesforce world! Their experience is like gold, and their mentorship skills? Top-notch. They're guiding their teams to greatness every day while delivering the highest quality work.

#4 Eco Warriors in the Tech World

We doubled down on our commitment to support the great Energy Transition with the greatest tech. Not only have we added to our awesome green energy client list (ENGIE NA, RES Americas, Fastrac Solar, Ambia, and more), but we also met so many amazing companies leading the renewable charge at our booth at the Reuters Energy Transition Conference 2023. With additional events in the pipeline for 2024 with the CleanTech Leaders Roundtable and Renewables Energy Alliance Houston, we plan to increase our (green) footprint in this space.

#5 The Endiem St Pete Retreat

We don’t just do good work at Endiem. We also know how to play! And we certainly proved that on our annual two-day Florida social culminating in a hilarious award ceremony, the Endiem Emmies. It was an event of many accolades, not to mention cocktails - the perfect way to kick back and celebrate the incredible team.

#6 Heavy Lifters Of The Heavy Equipment Rental Universe

We’ve been working mega hard to deliver the next generation of heavy equipment CRM solutions on Salesforce. Hello to our new clients, Foley Equipment, since Jan ‘23, and enormous respect to our ongoing partnership with Mustang Cat. NADITA 23 was a chance for us to tell the Caterpillar dealership community the Salesforce story so far. We are already excited for the next event.

#7 Team Expansion with a Twist

Welcome aboard Tess and Greta Lorr – two dynamic Salesforce project managers who just happen to be sisters. They get a special shout-out for their amazing delivery skills and as examples of our commitment to a diverse workforce. Endiem is a women-led business and all about nurturing brilliant new-to-Salesforce talent and watching them bloom in the Salesforce ecosystem.

#8 Game-changing Generative AI

How can we look back on 2023 without talking about AI? Using Gen AI for creating documentation and user stories is already super-charging our delivery efficiency. We have no doubt it will change the game for the industries we serve, and we look forward to staying at the forefront of what this means for the future of Salesforce and our integrated platforms.

#9 Award Alert!

Guess who got shortlisted for not one but TWO awards at the Digital Revolution Awards? Yep, that's us – 'Best Salesforce Partner To Work For' and ‘Digital Transformation Project Of The Year’. Hopefully, 2024 is the year we take gold!

#10 A Dreamforce to Remember

Dreamforce this year was an absolute blast from start to finish and the perfect chance to catch up with old friends. Being inducted into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame was a huge honor. It's a shout-out to the community’s resilience, skills, and team spirit. And the after-party was awesome!

So, there it is – a year in the life of Endiem. We grew. We hit our $$ targets (special shout out to our 🌟 Star-by-name, 🌟 Star-by-nature Account Director 🌟 Star Jacobs). 

We won gold in so many other ways, too, and for that, I thank my extraordinary team. Here’s to 2024. It’s going to be a ride. And we’re ready for you! 💫 🚀


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