Pedal to the Metal: Salesforce CPQ Implementation in Action

  • Jan 31, 17
  • Geraldine Gray

Salesforce CPQ Implementation in Action

The complex—and often drawn out—process of researching alternatives, vetting systems and convincing your finance department to shell out for a shiny new Salesforce Quote-to-Cash and CPQ system probably has you itching to just get started already. We don’t blame you. Salesforce CPQ is just waiting to make your work life easier, better and more in-line with all of those productivity TED talks you’ve surely been Youtubeing. Let’s pull back the reins for a moment and get granular. What does an implementation look like when it’s setting you up for a long-term success?

Partnership and pliability over pace
The handiness of Salesforce CPQ is a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s great right out of the box. Easy set-up, good functionality and speedy start. However, you’ll never have the Salesforce CPQ system running as well as it could be without a calculated implementation framework and an experienced, skillful partner or consultant. If you’re interested in an implementation that prioritizes sustainability and maximum benefit over a quick pace, read on.

An implementation that works hard
The Salesforce CPQ implementation process that Endiem employs stresses the importance of the user. After all, you could have the most incredible customizations and automation on board, but if no one in your company can use them properly or easily, you might as well be running Windows 95. Success isn’t just in the system set-up. It starts with a staff that’s prepared and excited for maximum results.

A smart implementation will include sessions where you train, train and train some more, starting from day one. Having a slow, steady pace with frequent progress and understanding check-ins is key for success. It takes a lot to re-wire the way that users think about CPQ, especially those that are skeptical of the magnitude of benefits that Salesforce CPQ brings. An emphasis on thorough training will help your staff feel comfortable—and even excited—about using the new system. Endiem also makes sure to touch base with staff on an individual basis to ensure that they have a firm grasp on each technique they need to know.

Get your Salesforce CPQ off the ground
The benefit of Salesforce CPQ is clear. Are you ready to get it done right? Let us help you max out Salesforce CPQ’s potential with our unique and customized implementation and training process. Reach out today to start a project. We know we can get you the results—and employee buy-in that you’re after.