September 29, 2016

Put Your CPQ Project Into Hyper Drive in 3 Easy Steps

Put Your CPQ Project Into Hyper Drive in 3 Easy Steps

Implementing and optimizing a CPQ (cost price quote) system is one of the top innovations in the sales process transformation. If you already have a solid CPQ system in place, you know that it offers some pretty significant benefits. You’ve probably already experienced the terrific scalability, customizability, measurable effectiveness and marked increase in business intelligence capability.

What if we told you that it could get even better for your existing CPQ system? Or, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge into CPQ, you can still hit the ground sprinting? We’ve put together some of our favorite ways to really put the pedal to the metal with CPQ.

1. Make a plan, and then get moving ASAP

Obviously, a great plan is necessary for a successful implementation. If you want real transformation from your old CPQ process to your new one, you’ll need build it into the plan specifically. Remember your pain points with your current system and consciously plan how you will avoid them. Decide how you will measure progress, manage the project team, and what methodology you will use before the process starts. Prep your CPQ training standards and process. Be ready.

When the time comes to green light, GO. Lag time between closing the contract and starting the project will only happen if you let it. Get ahead of the lag and get started to keep the momentum going.

2. Remember that team agreement isn’t necessary, but active listening is.

CPQ projects are inherently team-based. This comes with the challenges that all team projects have—namely, people. Know walking in that not everyone will agree and you can’t please everyone. Waiting for consensus will at best slow down the process and at worst zap morale, kill agility and keep the job from getting done until we’re all old and grey (a bit of a stretch, but not much).

Turn disagreements into learning opportunities and better outcomes. Listen with an open mind and encourage others to do the same. Ask questions, solicit thoughtful feedback. Focus on actively listening to team input and having a “yes, and…” attitude.

3. Implement smart tools that are designed for speed.

You can’t build a strong house without the appropriate tools, right? We feel the same way about CPQ. Sure, you can get a system together with less-than-perfect programs. It might require a little duct-tape, but it’s possible.

We prefer something a little sleeker. Salesforce and Steelbrick already provide a seamless approach to CPQ for users. When your Steelbrick CPQ is built on the Lightning platform, you’ll have a full toolkit that’s ready to accelerate your organization to breakneck speeds and impressive agility.

A few standout capabilities built into the Steelbrick/Salesforce Lightning combo that should be considered when choosing a CPQ platform. Steelbrick with Lightning offers smart features like real-time pricing rule changes so that you won’t have to backtrack on discounts and package pricing. This platform also makes those big blocks of “Terms and Conditions” easy to configure for the appropriate audience without having to edit line by line. Plus, there are plenty more timesaving, effectiveness-increasing features that are designed to make your company look great to your clients. And that’s what it's all about, right?

Team up with experts that are used to going light speed

If you’re new to this whole CPQ implementation thing, don’t worry—we’ve been there and back a few times over. Our Certified SteelBrick Consultants can help guide you to a solution that works for your company’s specific set of needs. Plus, we can even implement a faster, fitter, better CPQ system from start to finish. Curious? Let's talk.

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