Quiz: Is Your Quote Process Slacking?

  • Aug 3, 16
  • Geraldine Gray

If you’ve been thinking about switching from your current price quote system to a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software suite like SteelBrick here’s a simple quiz that will lead you to a solid answer.

True or false: Your growth has hit a point of positive inflection.

If you answered true, kudos! Your business is growing—maybe even at a rapid pace. If your revenue is going up, you should consider implementing a CPQ system. As your business gets busier, the number of quotes you need to generate will naturally increase. Prioritizing your salespeople’s time for selling and relationship building instead of generating quotes will pay off big time in the long run.

Yes or no: Is your business constantly seeking faster, better, more efficient ways to operate?

If you answered, “Yes! That’s me!” then adding CPQ software to your arsenal is a fitting decision for your business. If your business’ modus operandi revolves around getting smarter, better and stronger then your quotes should, too. CPQ is the way to go.

Does your workforce: A. Stay put or B. Stay mobile?

More and more salespeople make less frequent in-office appearances. Does your team fit this description? If you answered “B,” a CPQ system could help your sales team go completely mobile without the headache. Software like SteelBrick is designed to create proposals and quotes seamlessly on their phones and tablets.

How do you quote now? Word or Excel?

If you answered either Word or Excel, you’re putting your business at risk. Quotes created in Word or Excel are prime for errors, inefficiencies and time-wasting. Once you jump from your trusty MS Office Suite to a CPQ system, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of the Dark Ages (Game of Thrones!) and into another galaxy light-years ahead in productivity and painlessness (Star Wars!).

How often are your quotes inaccurate: Always, sometimes or never?

If your answer was “always” or “sometimes,” a re-evaluation is way past due. Why risk losing the trust of your potential and current clients when you have them so close to closing? Avoid the embarrassment and liability by switching to a reliable CPQ system pronto.

Do you have an approval process? Is it super-smooth or does it create bottlenecks?

If you’re relying on a team member to be the designated Quote Accuracy Checker, inefficiencies and bottlenecks are all but certain. Even with the world’s most observant quote reviewer, you’ve created a non-scalable process for your growing business. When your accuracy checker is on PTO or (don’t even think about it!) quits, you’ll be hitting the brakes hard on your entire process.

Your results and our recommendation

If one or more of your answers above point to the benefits of a CPQ software implementation, it’s probably time to start thinking seriously about a sales quote process overhaul. Endiem can help guide you through your implementation process. Reach out to start your journey towards a better, smarter price quote system with our long-experienced, Certified SteelBrick Consultants.