Race To The Top For Alex’s Lemonade Stand

  • Apr 5, 19
  • Gaby McBride

On March 30th I participated in the 2nd Annual Lemon Climb Houston. The Lemon Climb Houston is an inspirational stair climb where participants are challenged to walk, run or race up 35 or 75 flights of stairs to the top of the tallest building in Texas, 600 Travis building.


The event is brought to Houston by the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF).  ALSF is committed to funding research projects with the most promising outcomes for finding a cure for childhood cancer while also raising awareness and supporting families. 

How was the event you ask? Not too bad…. I climbed to the top, 75 flights of stairs in 29 minutes and ranked #21 in my age group (which will not be divulged here)! With over 800 participants in Houston, the climb was a huge success that raised $84,976 for kids fighting cancer! 


Endiem is proud to support such a noble cause and donate to the event. At Endiem, we live our values and children are a priority in our lives. We regularly donate to causes that help change children's lives for the better.  For more information and get involved visit www.alexslemonade.org.