November 13, 2020

Room To Grow

Room To Grow

Endiem has a new home! We’ve stayed in the same Houston neighborhood and have tons of room to grow our Salesforce consultancy practice.

The move was on the cards for a while, as the Endiem team expanded to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Although this year presented many challenges to the business community, a speedy transition to remote working was not one of them for Endiem. Our operations all run on cloud-based platforms including Salesforce so the team logged in from home immediately, safely, and securely with no gap in services to our customers. While the world adjusted to a new normal, CEO Geraldine Gray strategically used that time to find the team more space for our eventual return to an office environment.

The criteria was firm; remain in the same neighborhood but allow the team room to grow, to work alone or in squads, and (very importantly) close to a great bakery or coffee shop. W 17th St was the perfect match - a charming bungalow office smack in the middle of The Heights.

Like many things in life, a period home was not in the original plan! In an interview 2 years ago, when asked where she saw her company in the future, Geraldine’s vision for the HQ for her cutting-edge technology consultancy was a little different. “I pictured an extremely modern space. Concrete floors, large open floor plan with big windows letting in a ton of light, and primary colors.”

Instead, Endiem is the proud owner of a darling historic home with original wood floors, all the pastels you could imagine, and 100-year-old plumbing! Let’s just say, 2020 has proved that it’s good to be flexible and to keep an open mind!

We converted bedrooms into meeting rooms, living rooms into open office spaces, dining rooms to conference areas, and while it may not be what Geraldine originally envisioned we already love our new space. You know we love to party so as soon as we can we’ll open the doors and welcome the business community to toast our new office. (Did we mention we now have a big kitchen?!)

For the moment, it’s business as usual for Endiem, as we carry on with our mission of doing good work for nice customers. If you would like to know more about how we can help you to get more value from Salesforce, get in touch.

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