Run Virtual Meetings Effectively

  • Mar 5, 14
  • Geraldine Gray

Does your company have a problem with running virtual meetings effectively? You’re not alone.
With over 6 million views in just a few weeks the video “A Conference Call In Real Life” by Tripp and Tyler really hits the mark in illustrating how attendees can misbehave and can be thoroughly unproductive during conference calls in ways they wouldn’t dream of if they were there in real, real life. Here are our takeaways – how many of these are you guilty of?

Takeaway: Be prepared

  • Send the dial in number as part of the invitation
  • Don’t double-book and gatecrash the previous call
  • Share and socialize the agenda in advance
  • Have missing attendees delivered their tasks ahead of time
  • Create and share a Google doc (with edit permissions!) with the agenda for real time collaboration and note taking.

Takeaway: Be on time

  • You’d never join an office meeting 25mins late so why do this remotely?
  • Log on 1min early so that you can get the right dial in number
  • Download any widgets and be ready to start at the appointed time
  • Give attendees 2mins grace then start without them
  • Don’t interrupt the meeting if you join late

Takeaway: Be focused

  • Don’t put people on mute while get on with other work
  • Pay attention – don’t force others to repeat questions
  • Don’t bash away on your keyboard really, really loudly
  • Take good notes (preferably in Google docs for easy collaboration)
  • Socialize your notes immediately after the meeting and clearly outline next steps and agreed deliverables.

Final Thoughts
Give your co-workers the respect they deserve – working remotely is no excuse for sloppy behavior. Don’t be that guy!
Collaborate in Google docs and use Salesforce to track your assigned tasks and contact us so that we can help you drive more business collaboratively, more efficiently and pain-free. Work Delivered.