Which Sales Acceleration Tool Is Right For You?

  • Jan 5, 15
  • Geraldine Gray


There’s a huge variety of tools on the AppExchange that increase productivity and streamline your business processes within Salesforce. Endiem predicts that 2015 will see the rise of integrated suites of products that help companies drive deals faster and with more predictability.

Diving to the point – what are the qualities or aspects that make an app ideal for speeding up your sales performance and revenue generation within Salesforce? Vital aspects that constitute such an app are:

  • It must increase selling and response pace
  • It must leverage situation-specific data
  • It must support quick inquiry response and prioritize the activities of sales reps
  • It will increase the efficiency of your sales team
  • It should pull in related revenue and opportunities
  • Should increase adoption of CRM
  • It should extend CRM potential use cases

Two potential sales acceleration apps:
Velocify for Salesforce
Velocify for Salesforce is all about smart selling and pumping up revenue generation. Efficient CRM is one of the biggest barriers for several sales teams, and Velocify for Salesforce comes as a perfect savior here.

Why Velocify might be a good fit:

  • Easy deployment and distribution of leads via round-robin, skills-based & performance-based methods
  • Seamless implementation of contact strategy to determine when the reps will follow up
  • Reps get access to consistently updated view of new opportunities, leads & scheduled tasks
  • It prioritizes opportunities and includes them in an integrated view of in-progress and new prospects
  • Connects with the next opportunity quickly; capture call recordings and leave a prerecorded voicemail
  • Capture minute sales process and prospect response data and KPIs
  • Eliminate dependency on IT as you refine and execute changes to sales processes
    Velocify for Salesforce is your passkey for selling smart and driving predictable revenue. It is a boon for sales people who encounter a staggering volume of data on prospects as they can prevent leads from going cold and tap into the expected revenue

SAVO CRM Opportunity PRO
SAVO CRM Opportunity PRO empowers businesses to connect with customers, prospects and employees in novel ways. Integrating CRM Opportunity PRO with Salesforce allows organizations to leverage customer data for improving lead conversion, driving high adoption rates and skyrocketing the sales cycle.

Why SAVO might be a good fit:

  • It integrates sales and coaching specific strategies; from call scripts to succeeding steps onto the opportunity
  • Offers insights into which type of messages resonate well with buyers to increase consistency in messaging
  • Prescribes real-time advice as deals evolve; reps can acclimatize and deals stride forward smoothly
  • Dashboards render insights to marketing resources associated with revenue generation
    CRM Opportunity PRO helps you view the moving stages of each deal in real-time and leverages opportunity specific data to assist the sales reps in moving the deals swiftly whilst optimizing data for better adoption and it safeguards opportunities from wormholes.

What’s next?
Companies need to carefully consider and analyze their business requirements before committing to a sales acceleration tool. We often come across customers who’ve implemented a tool that only solved for half their problems and still has many users working outside of the system. Call us before you decide on your sales acceleration tool and Endiem can independently advise you which will be the best fit.

Endiem is a registered Salesforce services partner founded by a Salesforce MVP. We do good work for nice customers – contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Which sales acceleration tool is right for you?

Check them all out on the AppExchange.