Salesforce Experience Cloud for Great Customer Experience

  • Apr 23, 21
  • Emily Danvers

If you think Salesforce Experience Cloud seems familiar, you would be right! We take a look at the solution-formerly-known-as-Salesforce-Communities, with a focus on how it powers your customer experience.

Experience Cloud is built upon Salesforce’s Customer360 digital experience platform. This product suite enables companies to build content in one place and deliver it anywhere; websites, portals, mobile apps, and storefronts. If that sounds like something you thought Salesforce was already doing, you’re not wrong. Experience cloud is a revamp of Salesforce Communities and was recently announced in union with Digital 360.

In the coming weeks, we will be giving you a breakdown of how to get the most from Salesforce Experience Cloud, with a focus on the three main categories of users: Customers, Employees, and Partners.

Today we’re taking a look at how you can use Salesforce Experience Platform for customers.

Experience cloud, as you would expect, zeroes in on the individual’s digital experience. Using the power of Salesforce along with data insights, this suite is all about enabling businesses to drive engagement with their customers. Here are some examples of the features within Experience Cloud that you can deploy specifically to serve your customers:

  • Knowledge
    • In the same vein as a forum: customers are able to ask questions and provide answers for other customers, creating a knowledge base. The result? Reduced service cases, increased customer satisfaction, and a better user experience.
  • Case Escalation
    • Customers can create cases directly and cases can be escalated immediately based on specific criteria, such as the presence of keywords or time since case created, etc. Agents are able to answer within the digital experience, or privately
  • Engagement
    • This takes advantage of passionate customer’s expertise within the community and rewards them with badges for helping other customers. These “super fan” customers provide a human element to your brand and create further customer loyalty
  • E-Commerce
    • Empowers customers to track their accounts and connect to other customers. Users are able to share experiences with products, add reviews, and even suggest product improvements!
  • Experience Management
    • Provides pre-configured and customizable Lightning dashboards in the console to help measure and analyze metrics, such as adoption and engagement, most popular groups, users, and topics

With features like this, customers are essentially brought in to be a part of “the team”.

As we begin to explore Salesforce Experience further, you will get a fuller picture of how this platform can serve all aspects of your business. Being able to engage with your customers in a community and have them interact with each other, is going to allow you to innovate and expand based on what’s important to the people you serve.

If you already know you want to implement this platform to grow your business’s digital experience, connect with us, we are ready to help!