August 31, 2016

Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick: A Love Story

Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick: A Love Story

Some things were just meant to be together. Once you experience the harmonious relationship between Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick, you will surely start to believe in true love. When the sleek, app-powered Salesforce Lightning meets the powerful Steelbrick CPQ system, magic happens. Get a closer look at how the many functionalities and features of Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick work together for an unmatchable client experience.

Salesforce Lightning sparks a fire

If you’ve ever used Salesforce or a similar system in the past, we think you’ll find the latest Salesforce Lightning release simply stunning. The system is light, fast and designed to work with you. Salesforce Lightning was built entirely on the Salesforce App Cloud and includes the Lightning App Builder, Lightning Components and the all-new Lightning Design System. This innovative suite allows you to create effective enterprise apps that can accelerate your business without stress.

The result of implementing Salesforce Lightning is a sleek, simple and intuitive user experience and seamless use across devices.

At last they meet: Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick

When Steelbrick and Salesforce joined up just a few short months ago, anyone could see that something special was happening. Steelbrick is a highly powerful Cost-Price-Quote system that is fully native to the Salesforce Lightning platform. If you’re using an old-school Quote-to-Cash system, Steelbrick has the potential to accelerate your sales by as much as 1,000%.

Steelbrick is a disruptive innovation for both Salesforce and your business because it streamlines the entire sales process. Price and discount configuration, add-ons, proposals, billing and collection are all completely optimized through the Steelbrick system. Errors are reduced, time spent on paperwork is minimized, revenue is boosted through up-selling and cross-selling, and the cost of lost time and resources is reduced through the power of Steelbrick on the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Working in perfect harmony

When the Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick duo is put into action, sparks really start to fly! That’s what Cloudera, a data management and analytics software company, experienced when they implemented Steelbrick on their Lightning platform. Cheap and easy aren’t always positive descriptors, but when it comes to the sales process, they’re music to many manager’s ears.

Cloudera reported extremely positive results from their recent implementation. Not only did they find the system intuitive and simple, they also raved about the outstanding customer support services, streamlined solutions for processes that used to be incredibly convoluted and effective automated controls to prevent costly errors.

Start your Salesforce Lightning and Steelbrick story for the ages

This could be your love story, too! We’re Salesforce and Steelbrick Certified experts and can turn your inefficiency and heartbreak into a seamless CPQ system you’ll want to tell your grandkids about. Contact us and learn more about all the ways we can guide your business to kind of growth that you’ll really love.


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