Salesforce News Component

  • Jan 25, 19
  • Athena Moseley


The Salesforce News Component is a relatively new feature and currently has some limitations. As with most Salesforce features, we can expect for the functionality of this feature to be increased and the limitations decreased in future releases. This article is applicable to the Winter 19 release.



Only available in Salesforce Lightning Experience, the News Component allows users to see news articles from the past 30 days. This can be displayed on the Account, Contact, and Lead detail pages, as well as on the homepage. These news articles focus on the industries the user works with providing insights into customer, partner, and competitor activities.

News is populated differently based on where it is viewed. News on the Account, Contact, and Lead detail pages will relate to the Account name, the individuals who hold Executive roles at the Account (they do not need to be contacts in Salesforce), and the industry as listed on the Account detail page. On the homepage, news focuses on the Account name of the accounts that have been recently viewed.



Salesforce has its own news processing platform that collects RSS feeds. This information is processed to filter out Spam and inappropriate content. If this platform does not find relevant content for an Account, A third party news provider is queried. 

Improving the Quality of Your News – Making it Relevant for You

Ensure Account records are accurate:

  • Account name should match the company name with correct spelling, no abbreviations, and no special characters

Ensure Account records are complete:

  • Website information should be included on the Account Detail page

 If you see inappropriate news content or news that is incorrect news please flag the article using the feedback options.



Share news articles on Chatter! If it is shared on a detail page for the record, it will be posted to the chatter feed for that record. If it is posted from the homepage, all of your followers will be able see the article in their feed.

News can be added to the Salesforce App

Current Limitations: 

  • Available only in Lightning Experience
  • Only US news sources are included
  • There are not anyways to customize this feed or which news you see
  • News is only available in English

How to enable News: 

See this: Salesforce Help Article



Check out these Insights and these guidelines

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