October 26, 2015

Salesforce + Pardot = Perfect Integration

Salesforce + Pardot = Perfect Integration

In case you haven’t heard, the buying cycle has changed. Buyers wield more power than ever and have often made key decisions based on their own research by the time they are ready to purchase. Marketing platforms allow you to stay one step ahead of such buyers by predicting their buying journey and presenting them with appropriate purchasing choices or product information.

Pardot is a marketing automation tool that helps organizations respond to ever-ready buyers; in it’s purest form Pardot enables organizations to send marketing emails to their customers; it can then track the activities potential customers carry out so that they can better target the potential buyer and be proactive. The data in Pardot sync and matches brilliantly with your data in Salesforce so your sales team can effectively manage their leads and gain activity insights as they happen while your marketing team can communicate appropriately and respond to point-in-time actions.

Pardot and Salesforce continue to sync prospect and customer information which ensures both sales and marketing teams have the most up-to-date information in both systems. As your processes become more sophisticated over time names in Salesforce can be dynamically scored by Pardot for certain activities and graded on buyer characteristics.

We often implement Pardot for our Salesforce customers and you can get the full scoop on this sync-perfect integration below.

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