Salesforce Requirements & Discovery – What’s The Process?

  • Apr 19, 19
  • Ashley Zuelke

The discussions leading up to the decision to implement software can be both grueling and exciting. Now that your organization has committed to pulling the trigger on your Salesforce project, a new sense of anxiety may creep in. How can you have an efficient implementation? How can you be sure the end result leads to productivity and contributes to company excellence? Do you have all the process information you need? What does the execution of implementation even look like? Where do I begin?

Certified Salesforce consultants have the experience needed to make the discovery, implementation, and adoption painless. After years of working with Salesforce, Endiem consultants have a tried and true formula to conduct discovery sessions. Preparation is key to the effective execution of excellence!

  • Create a project plan. Even the best-intended ideas fail without planning. Endiem uses Mission Control to manage its projects, but a tool like Smartsheet can be just as effective because it’s cloud-based and integrates with Salesforce.
  • Project expectations should be well documented and communicated to stakeholders. Key goals for each phase can also help with a roadmap for the future.
  • Engage a healthy cross-section of execs, managers, super-users, and end-users to ensure that all processes are clearly defined and help with adoption later.
  • Internal and external customers know their business better than anyone. Be open to their feedback and enlist them to find issues to be resolved before implementation.
  • Iterate on the original idea 2-3 times before go-live.

Endiem understands that the unknown can be intimidating. Let us help you with your Salesforce implementation, integration or enhancements. You can always contact us and our team can help you drive your project, with the 3-E’s in mind. We will even add a 4th E into the mix - Expert Salesforce Consultants!