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Salesforce Requirements & Discovery – What’s The Process?


Geraldine Gray

July 31, 2014

Your organization spent months talking, gathering requirements, interviewing vendors, confirming functionality and has finally decided that implementing Salesforce will be a great solution that will solve many of its business challenges but what does an implementation look like and where do you begin?

After years of working with Salesforce, seasoned consultants can conduct discovery sessions with just a few hours of preparation there’s a formula Endiem applies to ensure success on project execution every time.

  • Create a project plan (we like smartsheetbecause it’s cloud-based and integrates with Salesforce)
  • Publish clear expectations and communicate the deliverables for each phase
  • Ensure there’s a cross-section of execs, managers, super-users and end-users engaged
  • Have 2 or 3 super users in key roles to really “kick the Salesforce tires”
  • Iterate on the original idea 2-3 times before go-live
  • Be open to feedback and change
  • Acknowledge that internal and external customers know their businesses better than anyone

So – what are you waiting for? Don’t be scared just be prepared and you can always contact us and our expert Salesforce Consultants can help you drive your project collaboratively, more efficiently and pain-free.

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