Smarter Field Services with Youreka

  • Feb 4, 22
  • Emily Danvers

If you have not heard of Youreka yet, then you soon will.

In the same way that DocuSign has revolutionized the way organizations manage their docs, Youreka is transforming how organizations deliver their fieldwork.

The sophisticated mobile UI of this Salesforce native App is underpinned by the data analytics power of the platform. The result? A field services experience like never before.

The solution is based on intelligent form functionality. Pulling in a range of rich content from multiple sources, including video, it's these forms that walk your field team through every step of their visit. Via your technician's mobile device, these forms provide information and relevant detail, capturing what needs to be logged and managing the next steps. No WiFi? No problem. Youreka works offline too.

All of that great data is then passed back to Salesforce's analytics engine to generate and deliver smart prompts to your team on-site while also building the bigger picture of any holistic issues in your process or equipment.

Indeed a missed opportunity to call this a Youreka moment?

The use cases for this technology are varied and will support any organization which relies on people in the field, typically delivering highly complex, specialist services.

For example, this could be a massive win for our solar clients. Youreka would support them through the initial quotation process, providing data to the technician while building out the correct information to generate an accurate quote. Another form will walk their installation team through their tasks to get the solar build live at their next visit. Another Youreka smart form will drive subsequent equipment checks and services.

Solar is just one example, of course. If you would like to talk to us about whether Youreka could be a good fit in your field operation, then get in touch. We have a lot of experience working with organizations that leverage Salesforce to operate their services in the field, including ENGIE, Fastrac, and Mustang CAT, and we are genuinely excited about how our clients and prospects could benefit from this powerful solution.