Taking The Easy Way Can Be The Best Route For Getting Ahead

  • Apr 13, 20
  • Maddison

Are you having trouble integrating your finance tool with Salesforce? Have you tried multiple options and still nothing seems to be working seamlessly? Breadwinner might just be what you need. It is an out of the box two-way integration finance software solution, between Salesforce and your financing system. Yes, you could build your own integration tool to sync your data between Salesforce and your financing system but, there is already a Salesforce native solution on the market that will do the exact same thing;  saving you time and money. 

Take Breadwinner’s CEO, Stony Grunow’s favorite analogy into consideration. You’re in need of transportation and after doing your research, you decide on getting a bicycle. You now have two options: 

Option 1. Rush to a specialty bicycle parts store, buy each specific bike part separately and then go home with all of your thousands of dollars of bike parts and begin the task of assembling the custom bike yourself. After several iterations, phone calls and (maybe) youtube videos, you take it out for your first ride (just a short trip around the park) and it's great. Your next few rides are a little more challenging, then a part malfunctions. You carry your bike home, find the problem, go back to the specialty shop and buy more parts to fix the problem. It’s all good until a few rides later and you’re back in the parts store. See how this is going? 

Option 2. You go online, do a little research and find the bike brand that has everything you’re looking for already in one machine. You rush to the store, grab the bicycle, and then quickly listen to the sales associate rattle off their warranty information (something that does not come with your home-built bike). Then, right out of the shop, 30 minutes after walking in, you get to ride your brand new bike to your next destination. Months later and several rides in, your bike still works like new.

Breadwinner is just like option 2. It’s your prebuilt bike with all the bells and whistles already attached.  It works with specific finance software to code correctly so that your data, from either Xero, Quickbooks, Stripe, and now Netsuite, integrates (almost) effortlessly with Salesforce. Like Stony said in his conversations with Endiem, “it’s simple and straightforward. It just works.” Endiem is now a proud user of Breadwinner with our current Accounting System (Xero) and … ‘it just works’.

Have one of these accounting/financing systems and need help with integrating them with Salesforce, give us a ring!