The Endiem Way

  • Jun 25, 21
  • Emily Danvers

'The Endiem Way' is a term that we use frequently. We take a look at what that really means when it comes to delivering a stellar customer experience. 

If you’ve been following along for the past week or so, you’ll have seen that we recently spent a couple of days workshopping, brainstorming, and discussing innovation, the way we serve our clients, and growth goals. We named this time EndiemOrama.

No matter the topic of the moment, we kept finding ourselves coming back to the idea of ‘The Endiem Way’ - a phrase we often use in the Endiemverse, along with the hashtag #WhiteGlovesBlackOps.

It seems like an excellent opportunity to explain what we mean when we use this term. In short, this is our way of highlighting our commitment to deliver a premium service marked with particular attention to details. This is about handling our projects, teams, and customers with care while also delivering exceptional work. From the outset of any client relationship, our team constructs thoughtfully curated plans and carry them out quietly and efficiently, without requiring fanfare or pats on the back.


Another hashtag you will often see alongside many of our posts is #DoGoodWork.

During EndiemOrama, Will, our Delivery Lead, encapsulated the standards for the Delivery & Customer Care teams so that we can continue to create strategies for excellence throughout our rapid growth.

The five keys to excellence in delivery:

  • Meeting Client Expectations
    • Understanding what our customers really want and making sure they get it
  • On-Time
    • Defining a realistic timeline for delivery and sticking to it
  • Within Budget
    • Managing our time effectively to deliver what the client needs with no cost surprises
  • With Quality
    • Putting polish on the work we do to leave the client with not just a working system, but one that provides a consistent user experience and leaves their Org better than we found it.
  • As a Team
    • Providing consistent support to each other to ensure that every part of the team is successful


Ultimately, the Endiem mission is to make sure the best quality #WorkDelivered. EndiemOrama was an opportunity to come together, affirm and refresh our alignment with The Endiem Way to meet these standards of excellence. While we strive to grow as a business and a team, we have created steps that ensure our top-notch customer service and unparalleled project delivery never waver. We ended the week filled with learning, a renewed appreciation for our teammates, and optimism about the future of Endiem (not to mention a really sweet swag bag).

While it is our job to support our customers, we fully realize how much our customers also support us in return. We will continue to be extremely grateful for this.

If the Endiem Team is not already supporting your Salesforce needs, but you think you would like them to, get in touch with us. We are always excited to welcome new clients and partners.